RENU NESEVM243ST - Vacuum Motor 24 Volt 3 Stage Tangential Discharge

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  • RENU NESEVM243ST - Vacuum Motor 24 Volt 3 Stage Tangential Discharge
  • RENU NESEVM243ST - Vacuum Motor 24 Volt 3 Stage Tangential Discharge
  • RENU NESEVM243ST - Vacuum Motor 24 Volt 3 Stage Tangential Discharge


This item will fit the following machines:

Clarke (Alto) Boost 28

Clarke (Alto) Boost 32

Clarke (Alto) Encore 30

Clarke (Alto) Encore L20

Clarke (Alto) Encore L2426

Clarke (Alto) Encore S20

Clarke (Alto) Encore S2426

Clarke (Alto) Focus C28

Clarke (Alto) Focus C33

Clarke (Alto) Vision 17B

Clarke (Alto) Vision 17Bt

Clarke (Alto) Vision 20B

Clarke (Alto) Vision 20Bt

Clarke (Alto) Vision 21I

Clarke (Alto) Vision V

Factory Cat 350

Hawk Enterprises 17B

Minuteman 240X

Minuteman 260

Minuteman 265

Minuteman 340

Nilfisk-Advance Adphibian

Nilfisk-Advance Aquaplus

Nilfisk-Advance Ba 5321

Nilfisk-Advance Ba 5321-D

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 20B

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 24C-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 24D-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 26C-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 26D

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 26D-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 28C-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 28D

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 28D-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic 32D-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic Axp

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic X24C-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic X24D-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic X26C-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic X26D-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic X28C-C

Nilfisk-Advance Convertamatic X28D-C

Nilfisk-Advance Hydro 2800-Disk

Nobles Speed Scrub 3301Wm

Nobles Speedscrub 2001Hd

Nobles Speedscrub 2401

Nobles Speedscrub 2601

Nobles Speedscrub 2701

Nobles Speedscrub 3301

Nobles Ss5

Nobles Strive

NSS Enterprises Wrangler 2016Ab

NSS Enterprises Wrangler 2016Ae

NSS Enterprises Wrangler 2016B

NSS Enterprises Wrangler 2016Db

NSS Enterprises Wrangler 20B

NSS Enterprises Wrangler 26 F/B

NSS Enterprises Wrangler 2625 Db

Tennant 1510

Tennant 1610

Tennant 5400

Tennant 5500

Tennant 5520

Tennant T5

Tennant T5 E

Tomcat (Factory Cat) 2023

Tomcat (Factory Cat) 290

Tomcat (Factory Cat) 350

Tomcat (Factory Cat) 350C

Tomcat (Factory Cat) 350D

Tomcat (Factory Cat) 350Sams

Tomcat (Factory Cat) Magnum

Tomcat (Factory Cat) Micromag

Tomcat (Factory Cat) Mini Mag

Tomcat (Factory Cat) Mini Mag - Gfs

Tomcat (Factory Cat) Tr

Windsor Saber 24

Windsor Trident Tr20

Windsor Trident Tr24


This product is interchangeable with the following manufacturer’s part numbers:

Ametek 116515-13, Ametek 11651513, Ametek 119433-13, Ametek 11943313, Tennant 130477AM, Tennant 130477, Nss 2395571, Powerboss 26056, Minuteman 26056, Advance 412218, Clarke 44917A, Clarke 51049A, Advance 56412218, Advance 56637876, Tennant 605057, Advance 637876, Minuteman 740225, Windsor 8.685-455.0, Windsor 86854550, Graco VM-23, Graco VM23

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