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Tank Vacuums


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  • Viper Shovelnose Wet/Dry Vacuum


    Viper Shovelnose Wet/Dry Vacuum

    The Viper Shovelnose is one of the best performing Wet/Dry Vacuums on the market! This is a great piece of equipment and has applications across ALL industries including: education, hospitals, hotels, Business Service Contractors, restoration companies...
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    Pacific WDV-18, 24in Front Mount Squeegee


    Pacific WDV-18, 24in Front Mount Squeegee

    The WDV-18 brings unmatched innovation when it comes to wet/dry vacuums. This new vacuum is second to none. Simple innovation and construction flow through this product, and it brings new ingenuity to the industry's most helpful tool. With the impressive...
  • Summit Pro 18 SQ


    Clarke Summit Pro 18SQ

    The Summit Pro® 18SQ offers great performance and value in a wet/dry vacuum. The high capacity tank and integrated front-mounted squeegee assembly with rear foot pedal actuator allow high productivity water pick-up for big jobs. And when the need is...