Types of Vacuum Filters (and Why They’re Important!)

Did you know there are different kinds of vacuum filters? Depending on what brand, type, and model of vacuum you use, you may need a different type of filter than others. Knowing what kind of filter your machine needs is a crucial component of keeping the machine functional! The proper filter will provide optimal suction and protect and keep internal parts working as intended.

Here are the 5 main types of filters; chances are, your vacuum uses one (or multiple!) of them:

  • 1.Bag Filters: Though these are normally used in conjunction with another type of filter, bag filters have very small holes, which allow some air to escape while trapping dirt and dust inside. These are very cost effective options, typically being made from paper, cloth, or other synthetic materials, but allow some smaller particulate to escape through the air holes. Be sure to empty and change your bag filter when it gets filled!
  • 2.Foam Filters: An extremely basic type of filter, they collect smaller particles and are most often used after a primary filter to catch anything the first filter may have missed. Most foam filters can be washed and reused instead of being replaced.
  • 3.Cyclone Filters: Most commonly found in bagless vacuums, cyclone filters spin air around, forcing any debris outwards into the bottom of the dust bin. The air is forced upward through a filter that catches any remaining particles. Be sure to deep clean your cyclone filter in cold water and air-dry quarterly.
  • 4.Cartridge Filters: These common types of filter have a circular design and are usually made from foam, paper, or other synthetic materials. Some need to be replaced; some can be washed. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for your specific machine!
  • 5.Cloth Filters: Cloth filters are optimal for larger debris and are commonly used in industrial settings such as workshops, warehouses, or construction sites. They are very sturdy, can be washed, and last a long time compared to other types of filters, but don’t handle smaller particles very well.

No matter what type of filter you use in your vacuum, be sure to care for them and replace them appropriately! Be sure to check out our filters we have in stock here

Jan 6th 2023 Dawson the Marketing Maestro

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