​It’s National Hot Dog Week! Avoid this picnic pitfall…

So, the family reunion [company picnic, graduation party, baseball awards ceremony, etc.] is this week-end. As the organizer, you have sent out the invitations, coordinated Coco to bring brownies, Pepper to bring soft-drinks, Chip to bring snacks, Bunny to bring hamburger and hot dog buns, Frank to bring hot dogs and Angus to bring the burgers. (Get it? Read more here: https://www.ranker.com/list/funny-cow-names/pet-project).

You all get to the event, there’s kick ball and swings and stories… and EVERYONE is getting hungry… the problem is… SKIP was bringing the disposables. Dang skippy if he didn’t decide to skip the event! As organizer extraordinaire…you can avoid this happening to you...


GUY and team put serious thought into creating the perfect, disposable picnic kit for up to 50 attendees, for less that you could buy these items separately. In fact, these are commercial/industrial quality food service items that we carefully culled to the amount you need. 

You would have to buy in bulk from anyone else to get the comparable prices reflected below. Plus you end up shopping on multiple sites and probably paying for shipping for full cases of stuff. Also, you would be stocked for the next 10 years of picnics!

Your RENU Picnic Kit has:

1 - Package of Tork Dinner Napkins COMPARE at $4.10

1 - sleeve of 50 Dart Translucent Plastic Cups COMPARE at $8.29

1 - Sleeve of 125 Dart Clear Plastic 3 Compartment 9" Plates COMPARE at $41.43

1 - Sleeve of 125 Dart Clear Plastic 6" Dessert Plates COMPARE at $27.17

2 - Rolls of Tork Paper Towels COMPARE at $2.46

1 - Dixie Crystal Cutlery Keeper (60 Forks, 60 Spoons, 60 knives) COMPARE at $17.06

2 - Tablemate Fork/Spoon Serving Sets COMPARE at $4.57

1 - Purell Hand Sanitizer COMPARE at $2.72

2 - Red Plastic Rectangle Table Covers COMPARE at $13.00

2 - White Plastic Rectangle Table Covers COMPARE at $13.00

2 - Blue Plastic Rectangle Table Covers COMPARE at $13.00

Total Comparison (excluding your valuable time, shipping fees, gas, etc.)…. $146.80


Dollar Savings …. $21.81

Time Savings …Priceless!


Jul 22nd 2019 Tina Saunders, aka Site Senseii

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