GOJO Natural Orange Pumice 1 Gal Hand Cleaner (2 per case)

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  • GOJO Natural Orange Pumice 1 Gal Hand Cleaner (2 per case)
  • GOJO Natural Orange Pumice 1 Gal Hand Cleaner (2 per case)
$40.00 /Case


Hard-Working Cleaners for Hard-Working Hands

GOJO NATURAL* ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner is a quick, convenient way to remove dirt, oil & grime. The natural citrus ingredient and pumice scrubbers work hard to clean hands effectively, and since there are no harsh solvents, your skin stays looking and feeling smooth.

Great for construction workers, carpenters, contractors and more, this hard-working hand cleaner gets the job done. GOJO NATURAL* ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner help to remove the toughest dirt and oil – day in, and day out.


Lotion style hand cleaner, with pumice, for hard-working hands

GOJO NATURAL* ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner uses a natural citrus ingredient to remove everyday dirt & oil. With no harsh solvents, you get a powerful hand cleaner and less damage to your skin, so your hands stay healthy & clean, even after a tough day’s work.

Whether you’re on the jobsite or in the workshop, the pumice scrubbers work hard to clean hardworking hands. Plus, it’s available in both gallon and travel size bottles, you’ll always have GOJO NATURAL* ORANGE Pumice Hand Cleaner nearby.


Heavy Duty Cleansing for Hands and Surfaces

The first line of defense in the fight against contact dermatitis.

Use the mildest, most effective hand cleaner to help maintain good skin health and address the problems associated with illness and occupational skin disease.

General Cleansing Solutions for Hands and Showers

Handwashing is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others.

A comprehensive hand hygiene program can help reduce absenteeism by up to 51%.

Cost of unscheduled absenteeism per employee, per year. 'Absenteei Line Killer' Circadian: 24/7 Workforce Solutions (2005): 1-12 Web:http://www.circadian.com.image.pdf CIRCADIAN_Absenteeism_-_Bottom_Line_Killer.pdf.

Sanitizing for Hands and Surfaces

More than 80% of all illnesses are transmitted by hands.

Germs are everywhere. Put PURELL Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer and PURELL Professional Surface Disinfectant in areas where it can be easily accessible to employees and guests.

Routine use of PURELL hand and surface sanitizers are an effective and safe way to help stop the spread of germs.*

*CDC estimate http://www.cdc.gov/ workplacehealthpromotion/ implementation/ topics/ immunization.html, accessed May 2016.

Conditioning for Hard Working Hands

Conditioning skin not only helps improve how skin looks and feels, workers can be more productive when their skin is in good condition.

Routine conditioning helps maintain healthy skin and makes removal of contaminants quicker and easier.

Proven results show routine conditioning can improve skin condition in 14 days.*

*Arbogast, James, et al. Effectiveness of a Hand Care Regimen with Moisturizer in Manufacturing Facilities Where Workers Are Prone to Occupational Irritant Dermatitis. March 2004.

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