Tales of COVID-19 Life Change from a RENU CREW Homebound Mom!

I have never been that mom that dreamed of staying home with my kids. I definitely have never EVER entertained the idea of home schooling. Working from home however, that was an idea I have always been able to get behind. What is better than working from the comfort of my own house and not having to put effort into getting ready in the morning? Now enter March 2020 and COVID-19 that threw all three of these scenarios together in one chaotic package!

There are some challenges that come with working from home with kids and even more that present with working from home while teaching kids! My 10-year-old HATES math with all of her being. I am not a strong math student and I am definitely not a strong math teacher. Let’s just say that me trying to relearn and then teach multiplying and dividing fractions has earned me several more silver hairs! My 8-year-old has learned the art of carrying numbers because I don’t have time to learn the convoluted way they are teaching kids to do math these days. (This “new math” involves rounding and charts and graphs. I’m pretty sure I would do better learning trigonometry than 2nd grade common core math).

We have all learned the art of virtual meetings! Between virtual classroom meetings involving 23 2nd grade students showing their favorite comfort items (most were live animals which added to the chaos), work meetings with the RENU crew, virtual cheer practice, and a few nights of virtual game nights with friends… we have used our fair share of internet bandwidth. I have learned just how many devices my home network can handle…it broke when we had 3 computers, 2 tablets, 4 cellphones and 2 streaming TVs going at once (we also have an Alexa device, a smart thermostat and a video doorbell that stay connected). The RENU team is pretty understanding when there is a child jumping around in the background of video meeting and dogs barking on phone calls.

In all of this, I have learned that we are all dealing with challenging times. It is okay for the children to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch three days in a row. It is inevitable that you will be the parent on the zoom meeting with her face too close to the camera because the children can’t get the volume to work. I’m convinced that anyone who works from home and has video calls is wearing pajama pants and a nice shirt, and I don’t judge you for it! I am a little more laid back now than I was going into this. I like to plan and COVID-19 has definitely thrown that out the window. I don’t know what next week is going to bring, so planning for next month is a little difficult. I’ve learned to not worry (as much) about the things that might happen and to deal with what is right in front of me. We survived three months of the school year being at home and we may have to work with an alternative schedule going into fall. Even though I’m not in the office surrounded by the RENU crew, we are all here for our customers and are working hard to give our customers the service they have always enjoyed from us. Need a meeting, we’re virtually here for you, …kids, dogs and all!

Jun 23rd 2020 Kimberly Jackson

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